How to prevent memory problems

People who exercise regularly (three times a week intensive) often stay far into their seventieth acute. Less intensive daily exercise-a walk after lunch or spend an hour gardening-reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer ‘s
Eat Mediteranean
a diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats from fish and olive oil helps against deterioration of your brain, according to studies.
Don't drink too much
Alcohol leads to brain damage, but an occasional glass of red wine can boost your memory. Especially the substance resveratol has according to scientists an anti-aging effect on your brain.

memory-red wine

Get plenty of sleep
A good night’s sleep makes sure that your brain can process all the impressions of that day. As a result, you are more acute during the day and more able to store information. Besides, in your sleep memories are formed, which you can easily retrieve later.
Give it a place
Do you always forget something in the grocery store? Visualize the groceries you need in a logical spot in your House, for example a bottle of milk at the door, the potatoes on the stairs, the bread in the hallway and so one. Walk through your House in your mind and you’ll see the groceries one by one. This is a proven way to train your memory.
Fragrant and good for your memory
Rosemary smells and tastes not only delicious, your memory also has benefit from it, according to a study by the University of Northumbria in England. Participants in a memory test performed in a Rosemary smelling room significantly better than in an odorless room.

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