How to Save Money doing Groceries

How to Save Money doing Groceries

Are you in shock when you see your grocery-bill lately? Well, you are not the only one. Prices for groceries increase much faster than the annual inflation rate in most country’s. More and more families have trouble to control their budget if it comes to buying groceries.

Here are some tips that might help you keep your grocery budget under control.

Don’t shop when you are Hungry

It is true, if you go shopping when you are hungry, you wil spend more money. You will be doing several inpulse buyings to stop your hunger. You will come home with a lot of things you like to eat, but really don’t need. Doesn’t this sound like common sence? But still people are doing it. So take a snack before you go shopping, it will save you money in the end.

Plan what you are going to eat

Don’t ever go into a store without planning in front what you are going to buy. You will put meals together in your head and grab whatever you come across that could be usefull. This will result in buying items you don’t need, or you will buy too much and a lot will eventualy will go to waste.

Take a few minutes before heading to the store and plan the meals you want to prepare for the next week. If you go shopping without knowing what you’ll be preparing, it will  make you do extra purchases that you don’t need. When you make a list and you stick to it, it will save you a lot of money.

Look for special offers

Most grocery stores have some special offers every week. Read these special offers in the newspaper and online. It can help you to create your shopping list and save money. But a warning! Don’t go buying things you don’ t need, just because it is a bargain.

Consider stocking up

When you come across a good deal, consider stocking up. This works especially well with regular necessities such as paper towels, toilet paper, and all other items you go through regularly.

Stocking up works with food as well. If you find a good deal with something you regulary eat, it might be worth buying more than you need. You simply freeze in what you won’t eat right away.

Buy less expensive Meat

Keep in mind that the more refined and convenient the cut of meat, the more it costs. For example, buying a boneless steak may easily cost double or more per pound as the same piece of meat with the bone still on.  Spend 5 minutes removing the bone yourself at home, and bring down the costs.

Try store brands

Most people always choose their favorite name brand instead of a store brand, but a lot of store brand products are just as good, and cost less. Just give it a change. In most cases you will stick to the store brand.

Watch out for all of the multiple item sales.

One of the best marketing strategies stores use to entice you to buy something is by labeling a product 3 for 6.99 or 5 for 5.25, or some other amount.

Take the time to do the math behind these multiple item sales. There are certainly times when these can be great deals, but be careful that you aren’t buying more than you need just because the sale sign makes it sound like a great deal.

Be consistent

If you follow the steps as mentioned, you will at least save 20% on your grocery bills. It just takes discipline and the right mindset to stay consistent.

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