How to save money with beauty products

How to save money with beauty products

There are a lot of Beauty Products you don’t really need. Lose them and save yourselves time and money.

From wrinkle-reducing creams to color-enhancing shampoos. Which products do we really need and which only fill our batrooms and clean out our wallets?


Women swipe this on their faces to get that tingly, clean feeling, but research shows  that toner is just an unnecessary extra step in your daily routine. Newer soaps don’t leave the residue that toner was invented to remove. If toner makes you feel like you’re getting your makeup off, it’s fine to use it, but if you’re busy like most women, you better skip it.

Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Can’t control the flakes? According to hair specialits Over-the-counter hair products aren’t the solution. They can actually dry out your scalp, making dandruff worse. If you suspect you have a medical condition like psoriasis or eczema, which tend to cause dandruff, speak with your doctor, otherwise, just go brushing your hair several times a day with a natural-bristle brush before you wash your hair. This redistributes natural oils, stimulates your scalp and aids skin shedding. And a brush costs a lot less than shampoo and conditioner.

Foot Creams

“In the age of Purel and chronic hand-washing, everyone needs a hand cream, and you likely already own one, so why buy a foot cream too? A  smoothing hand cream with humectants (they draw in water), will do the job perfectly for your feet.

Body-Firming Lotions

Of course you want a dimple-free skin for your upcoming vacation, but don’t bother slapping on anti-cellulite lotion. Recent research has proven that none of these creams firm your body or reduce cellulite. These products often contain caffeine to improve blood flow or plant extract to hydrate skin, which may temporarily work, but hitting the gym and eating right are much more likely to help in the long run.

Color enhancing haircare

No, you can’t boost your blondeness (or brunette-ness or redheaded-ness) with a bottle from the drugstore. The tone in color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners will not be a perfect match to your hair. These shampoos have more additives than others and they contain a temporary color stain that’s more detrimental than beneficial. A better way to retain color: Shampoo less frequently and use dry shampoo on the off days—it soaks up excess oils without stripping color. Think of it like dry-cleaning a red silk dress, as opposed to putting it in the wash.

Shaving Cream

Before shower gel existed, shaving cream served an important purpose: to soften hair follicles and help the razor slide. Since shower gels contain a lot of glycerin, a humectant, they double as moisturizing soap and shaving cream. So kick out the cream, save money and create more room in your shower stall.

Split-end eliminators

Unfortunately, split ends can’t be fixed with serums. Ends split at the top of the hair shaft and produce an electrical charge that worsens frizz. Serums may neutralize this static with temporary frizz-taming results, creating the illusion of smoother, shinier hair for a day or night. But there’s only one true cure: getting a haircut.

High-SPF Lotions

Wearing any number SPF is a good thing, but sky-high numbers are very expensive and can give you a false sense of security. SPF 30 is in fact more than sufficient if you’de applying it evenly and frequently.

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