How to start an online business

How to start an online business

Lots of people these days try to build an online business. Most of them work very hard, still only a few succeed.

Why is it that the business won’t grow, while a few colleagues succeed very fast?

Believe it or not, the key is stop trying so hard. What? Seems to be nothing logical in that. But if you are really serious in building your business: Stop interrupting people with how good a deal you have for them and instead start creating and sharing information of value.

Here is an example:

If someone goes to the store to buy a frying pan (a product) to bake a steak in. He or she doesn’t realy want a frying pan- all they want is a tasty steak.

So instead of telling of all the benefits of that wonderfull frying pan, share some tips about how he or she can prepare the steak as tasty as possible, because this is what the costumer really wants.

This makes sence doesn’t it?

How to Build an Online Business by Becoming a CREATOR

Building an Online business is really a lot easier than most people think, once you follow a few simple concepts and take action in what you learned.

Instead of placing expensive full-page ads, start promoting your business by authoring various “how to” articles and learn How to build your business by creating value first.

  • Create valuable “how to” articles
  • Create valuable “how to”videos
  • Create a “done for you” weekly newsletter
  • Stop pitching and start creating and sharing value.


And you wil see…. It works. You’re online business wil get into a flow. Just by becoming a source.

So learn to brand and position yourselve in the market, so they will know you as the “go to” person. The source of all good and profitable things.

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