Hugging Clinic ‘Lepeltje Lepeltje’ in Amsterdam

Hugging Clinic in Amsterdam 'Lepeltje Lepeltje'

Love hugging?

There now is a shop to loose all your winter blues with a hug. There is no one around to provide you with a hug? Go to ‘Lepeltje Lepeltje’ (spoon in spoon) in Amsterdam.

This weekend hug therapist Carollyne Tjong Ayong opened the first professional hug practice in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

With your clothes on

According to the expert anyone gets immediately happy with a good hug and her special therapy has a positive effect right away. She tells to het Parool: “I put my arms around you and on a comfy massage cushion, we talk, listen to music, or I read to you, with our clothes on.” She told Dutch newspaper the Parool.

For anyone who wants to

Carollyne is expecting a certain group of people: “Everyone is welcome, but I am thinking in particular of the elderly, the disabled, widows, widowers and people who are unintentionally are without a partner. The therapist is convinced that a professional hug will work just as well as an embrace of a loved one. When you hug with a partner or or someone you known well, it comes with all kinds of issues. Distance can work well. People also will speak out what is on there mind easier to a psychotherapist.

You can read the whole story about the Hugging Clinic in Amsterdam on the site of the Parool Starting next saterday you will be welcome at in Amsterdam-West. A hugging session will cost you € 40 for a half hour. For the same price you can get a massage from Carollyne.

Via: Het Parool

Photo Courtesy of Lepeltje Lepeltje

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