Hypermarché Chanel – A Supermarket Of Styles

Rihanna was posing after the show between the Ham and dry sausages. There was a Cheese shop, a butcher, a vegetable corner and very surprising, tissue boxes with the text Les Chagrins (the sad ones), and lace handkerchiefs . Everything looked very cheerful in the Hypermarché Chanel.

But besides the fun, it was a very impressive collection. It was a supermarket of styles. An energetic mix of Chanel classics – short tweed jackets with round shoulders and ¾ sleeves – and urban streetwear.

Cara Delevingne opened the shopping in a pink knit fabric playfull suit, consisting of a cropped top and legging, both with a motive of fashionable moth holes. Over her pink suit, she wore a comfortable, long loose-fitting tweed winter jacket. The three following looks showed the same casual combination.


Hypermarché Chanel - A Supermarket Of Styles

Jackets were good and strongly represented. Of a modest Black jersey model in a light tent model to thigh-long pop bright coats in Canary yellow and Orange, with a cheerful patterned lining.

This Chanel collection was full of pieces that for sure will be a hit. Sneakers! In the recent couture show they were already showed in tweed. By then they were only available when purchasing an expensive couture-look. The sneakers showed yesterday in tweed, pop colors, silver and iridescent, have to end up in the Chanel shops, otherwise there will be a riot.


Eye-catchers were also treggings in different materials, especially the slightly chunky knit will score in winter. Great gimmicks were the tweed-coated sunglasses, bags of egg carton packaging and shopping baskets of Chanel necklaces containing one or more Chanel bags. This playful copy for sure will follow the Chanel-lego-bag.

Long sleek and printed evening dresses with transparent tulle were unexpectedly combined with, a single long black coat or equally long metallic gold jacket.

With every model there was that tight backwards pulled, classic looking hair, but ending in a huge rasta braid with colorful tweed added.

By the end of the show the models spread themselves through the Chanel supermarket, with and without shopping trolleys – it looked totally believable.

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