In Love like Mr and Mrs Lovely

In Love like Mr & Mrs Lovely

In Love like Mr and Mrs Lovely  – Once you’ve found your Mister or Mrs Love, it is splendour and glory, intense, sexy romantic feelings and desires. You are in love! How do you maintain that magical feeling?

‘7 x essentials on the basis of ‘ cute lovesongs’

1. Eric Clapton “Wonderful Tonight”  See a relationship as an infinite set of dates in which you present yourselves on your most beautiful, exhilarating and elegant and attractive. If you enter a relationship from there, you will see each other as it was when you fell in love with each other. Think of ‘date nights’, romantic rituals, surprises, gifts, vacations and other creative, sensual and sentimental experiences.

2. Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body” Go to bed at the same time: pillow talk, feet together, legs entwined, skin-to-skin contact, feel each others weight: intimacy gives you the feeling of closeness and connectedness to be intense with each other. And the ideal amount of sex per week? 2 x, really, it has been studied.

3. Bill Medly & Jennifer Warns “(I Had) The Time of My Life”. Cultivate similar interests. Besides tandem bicycling in two rain suits, doing things together works very well. In fact, after the lust,many people come to the conclusion that they don’t have to say much to each other. Happy lovebirds then develop joint activities. Make sure to retain your own hobbies, that keeps you interesting.

4. The Beatles (or that wonderful cover by Sparks)  “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”  Walking side by side, or hand in hand and develop a beautiful walking rhythm.Mister & Misses Lovely find it more important to walk next to each other than to be on time. Embrace each other right away if you see each other and kiss each other. Our skin and our body will remember nice touches and thus make you feel good, the more you confirm your love to each other physically.

5. Wet Wet Wet “Love Is All Around.” Just and forgiveness be somethinLet trg natural. Of course there are arguments. Happy couples will forgive each other, trust each other and don’t mind there sometimes is a disagreement.

6. Billy Joel “Just The Way You Are.” Always say something sweet before you go somewhere. And always say something sweet before you go to sleep, if there is any if friction.

7. Savage Garden “Truly Madly Deeply.” Focus more on what he or she does well than what he or she does wrong and be proud of him/her as you are among people. Lucky partners are highlighting each other positivity. They openly show that they belong to each other and love to be together. They stand close to each other, sharing intimate glances, they touch and talk positive about each other

And above all, I wish you love. (Whitney Houston)

Article inspired by Glamour

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