Isaac Mizrahi designs ‘Peter & the Wolf’ at the Guggenheim

Isaac Mizrahi designs 'Peter & the Wolf' at the Guggenheim

“Peter & the Wolf”

Isaac Mizrahi – After narrating the holiday run of  “Peter & the Wolf” seven times at the Guggenheim Museum, Isaac Mizrahi now also is the director, set designer and costume designer. The event tells the classic children’s story of Sergei Prokofiev’s, with conductor George Manahan and choreographer John Heginbotham.  A year ago a reading of the story by Elaine Stritch in Bridgehampton and another by David Bowie are among Mizrahi’s favorites. This year he wanted to make a version of his own. Mizrahi said he had this idea for a while. “sometimes when you have a vision, it is harder to fight it than to realize it” he quoted.

There are six costumes made for “Peter & the Wolf”  including Birdie, who actually has wings. “I made the most fabulous wings, but I now understand why when ballet choreographers have dancing birds they never have wings,” said Mizrahi. “Hopefully they won’t touch the dancer’s arms when she does her port de bras, since we are just starting rehearsals,”. The performance at Guggenheim makes its debut Saturday and winds down on Dec. 15.


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