Jourdan Dunn against Racism in Fashion

Jourdun Dunn against Racism in Fashion

Jourdan Dunn talks about racism –  British model Jourdan Dunn regularly speaks about the treatment of dark models at shows and castings and about racism in the fashion industry. The 23-year-old model talks about the subject during an interview with Miss Vogue.

Jourdan said in the interview that she one has been turned down because there already was another dark model in the show and that ones a makeup artist refused to do her makeup because of her skin color. In Miss Vogue she says that designers are proud when a dark model is running in their show. She finds it weird that they are proud of that because it means they often do not. “I find it strange if an agent says to me” you’re the only dark model in the show, good! ‘ Why is that good? “

Six months ago, Jourdan appeared alongside fellow models Chanel Iman and Naomi Campbell in a campaign for more ethnic diversity on the catwalk. “There needs to be talked about more. People are afraid to open their mouths. “


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