Julia Javel From Lust to Glory

Julia Javel – Between opulence and enlightenment lies salvation

Opulence carrying divine inspiration, a sense of pride hiding in lavish details, more sparkles, religious motifs and a conspicuous luxury dissipating right before your eyes. An updated portrayal of what was Mary Magdalene’s quest for salvation, juxtaposes two contrasting beliefs marking one splendid transition, as beautifully captured by Julia Javel, and styled by Diane Cabasse and Tara Ziegfeld.

And it’s the regal garments, the sumptuous headdresses, the extravagant crowns, bracelets and necklaces to further add to the newly imagined concept of grandeur, their abandonment towards the end working in highlighting the gradual transition towards enlightenment. A progress subtly reflected in Marie Nicolas’ flawless take on make-up as well, complemented by the striking series of hairstyles by Sadek L.

Powerful, captivating and open for interpretation, you can view the complete photo shoot starring the gorgeous Sofya, at the gallery. Visit juliajavel.com for more of Julia Javel’s beautiful photography work.

Photographer : Julia Javel @ juliajavel.com

Model: Sofya @ @Evidence
Make Up Artist : Marie Nicolas @ www.marienicolas.book.fr/
Hair Stylist : Sadek L @ www.sadekl.com/
Fashion Stylist: Diane Cabasse @ dianecabasse.wix.com/stylistephoto
Fashion Stylist: Tara Ziegfeld @ www.taraziegfeld.com/

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