Complete wardrobe Justin Timberlake by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Justin

The American fashion designer Tom Ford has designed six hundred clothing items for the 20/20 Experience world tour of Justin Timberlake.

Ford has designred several outfits for Timberlake himself, his background dancers, the band members and the vocalists.

It is the first time that Ford has designed a complete wardrobe for an artist, reports Fashionista. The designer is nowadays regarded as the personal stylist of the American singer.

“Justin has a great personal style and knows what he wants. That makes designing for him an absolute joy,” says Ford. “He has a kind of toughness making formal menswear look very modern on him.”

Ford previously designed the tailored suit of Timberlakes video clip Suit & Tie. Timberlake approached the designer In 2011 for a makeover. Since then the two work closely together.

Justin Timberlake The 20-20 Experience

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