Karen Elson for Porter Magazine

Karen Elson looking divine – Porter Magazine has enlisted British topmodel Karen Elson for a a cover story ‘ Art of Fantasy’  in their second issue. Karen Elson looks divine, surrounded by flowers, in the fairytale looking pictures, shot by Jeff Bark. Karen was styled by Anthony Unwin, who dressed the beauty in dresses by Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Collete Dinnigan and Alberta Ferretti.

Karen Elson for Porter MagazineKaren Elson for Porter MagazineKaren Elson for Porter MagazineKaren Elson.1 Karen Elson.2 Karen elson


  • Amy says:

    This woman has a serious receeding hairline. She is not attractive at all. How is she a model?

  • Dylan says:

    I never understood what the fashion industry sees in Karen Elson. She is so unattractive. Butt ugly might be the more correct term.

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