Karl Lagerfeld Expo: Parallel Contrasts

Karl Lagerfeld Expo: Parallel Contrasts

Karl Lagerfeld keeps dominating the fashion news. Previously was announced that he will present his own perfume line and that he is going to design hotel rooms. Now there will be two exhibitions in Germany totally about Kaiser Lagerfeld.

From 11 February to 15 May, the Museum Folkwang in Essen will show Karl Lagerfeld’s Parallel Contrasts. This exhibition focuses on the three biggest passions of Karl: photography, fashion and books. The exhibition is composed by Eric Pfrunder, the  Director de l’image at Chanel.

The Kunsthalle in Hamburg chooses a whole different perspective. They will show classical paintings of artist Anselm Feuerbach in addition to the photographic work of Karl, which are about themes as grace eroticism and the adoration of muses and models. . This exhibition is from 21 February to 15 July.

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