Karl Lagerfeld for Kazimir Malevich

Karl Lagerfeld for Kazimir Malevich

Karl Lagerfeld chooses Russian constructivist theme for the annual Bal de la Rose in Monaco

For the annual Bal de la Rose in Monaco, a charity gala of the Princess Grace Foundation, Karl Lagerfeld has chosen a Russian theme. The evening will be inspired by the works of the constructivist Russian Kazimir Malevich. Lagerfeld is a close friend of the Royal family of Monaco, that’s why he is to choose the theme of their gala each year. The Bal de la Rose is a big social event in Monte Carlo.

Karl Lagerfeld has more often referred to this artistic movement. The invitation to the gala consists of an old fashion sketch of Lagerfeld in constructivist style with colorful geometric shapes, with which the tone for the evening is set. At the entrance to the gala in Monaco a bigger copy of the invitation will be exposed.

The gala will take place at March 29 in the Salles des Etoiles of Le Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Among others, Prince Albert of Monaco will be present at the event. This year the Princess Grace Foundation will be celebrating its 50 year anniversary during the gala.

© the invitation-a sketch by Karl Lagerfeld

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