Karl Lagerfeld Strikes Again

Karl Strikes Again

Two new fragrances from the fashion maestro one for him and one for her.

Karl Lagerfeld never gets tired, not even from Karl Lagerfeld own self. Collections for Chanel and Fendi, his own brand, his shops, interior design for hotels and now two new fragrances. 

On his website Karl.com every day can be seen what the designer is occupied with,  what his favorite spots in the world are and how full his agenda is. You will be treated to his Bold statements and today the two new fragrances were added to the activities.

Karl Strikes Again

The new fragrances are not the first fragrance adventures of Karl Lagerfeld, but the scents that he made in the 1980s and 1990s are disappeared from the shelves. The new Karl for her is a green, floral eau de parfum.

Karl Lagerfeld Fragrances zijn niet de eerste geuravonturen van Lagerfeld, maar de geuren die hij in de jaren tachtig en negentig maakte en van de schappen zijn verdwenen. De nieuwe Karl voor haar is een groen, bloemig eau de parfum van de neuzen Chrstine Nagel en Serge Mjoullier.

The scent for men smell is also green and floral but has a base of tough sandalwood and amber. Both fragrances will be available from halfway through this month.


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