Kate and Cara for Burberry

Kate and Cara for Burberry

Kate and Cara a perfect match –  Starting the moment the 21-year-old Cara Delevingne stormed the modelling world, in 2011, there are big similarities between the young model and top model Kate Moss. Both women are wild, free and seem to do whatever they want. Despite of the fact, they partied togehter, they were both on the cover of Love Magazine and run in the same show, they were never really matched together, until now.

Yesterday on instagram there was a picture shown of Kate and Cara, for the new Burberry campaign. The two supermodels are modeling before the camera of Mario Testino, for a still unknown perfume of the brand. The two are both more than once been the face of Burberry, Kate moss her first campaign for the British brand already was in 1999. For cara this was in 2010. The campaign with Kate and Cara for Burberry will be officially announced later this year. Karl Lagerfeld recently in The Sunday Times made clear that he thought the couple are a perfect match. He said that women worship Kate and Cara. “They all want to be as free as they are”

Source photo: Instagram/caradelevingne

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