Kate Moss Documentary “Looking for Kate”

Kate Moss Documentary - "Looking for Kate"

Kate moss documentary – To celebrate her 40th birthday, a documentary was made about the life of Kate Moss.

When you see her, you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s really true, Kate Moss is going to be 40 this month. It was already celebrated with an exibition and a wonderful Playboy cover. Now the television channel Paris Premiere has made a documentary on the supermodel. It will be broadcast on 12 january and will be featuring people who worked with Kate, such as Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh and Isabel Marant.

The documantary also shows the more darker and mysterious sides of the glamourous model, such as her coke-scandal and her on and off relationship with Pete Doherty. Kate’s birthday is on the 16th of January.

Photo credit: Tim Walker/Vogue

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