Keep the fun

Keep the Fun

KEEP THE FUN – Only days of sunshine and beach is not enough for a successful holiday. It is important in a foreign environment to consider each other’s wishes and interrests. According to psychologists of the CG Jung-Institut in Stuttgart (Germany) is one-third of all divorces preceded by a joint trip. Fortunately, they also give some prevention tips.

Try to agree that each individual gets time and space of his or her own  “to do their own thing”

Especially if you have different ideas about how a good holiday look like. It does not matter if you spend the whole day apart from each other, as long as you’re together in the evening (and not one of the two has to be with the children all the time)

Go at least twice for a  romantic dinner

Find a babysitter for the kids and pretend you are dating. Hold each others hand and have a  real conversation. Flirt like you used to (to each other)

Find a resort you both like

Does the one only want to lie at the beach and the other likes sports or wants to visit cities or historic attractions: there are plenty of places where all of  that’s possible.

Always take sufficient books and magazines with you: reading is a very relaxing activity

And if you rotate the reading, it gives you new things to talk about.

Limit the use of mobile phones, social media and internet

That way, you are the least likely unwillingly to get in touch with your work and colleagues, after all, you are on holiday.

Go on holiday with friends who have children of the same age

You can then take on the caring responsibilities in turns and that way spend more time with just the two of you. besides, the risk of quarrels in front of others is also lower.

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