Kenzodiac, the funny side of KenzoKenzo has launched a second website that will bring some excitement to their online presence. On this website, the french fashion house is applying some hunour to their e-commerce, to atract new customers.

The intention is to engage their consumers and influence their decision to purchase. The URL title of the new website is  ‘Kenzodiac’, which is linked to their main site. Recently they have launched a new campaign via their social media platforms.

The new digital addition will be available in two languages, in English and French. Their will be monthly updates that feature humourous blurbs, as well as horoscope signs options that predict the individual monthly prosperities. The visitors will also be able to buy products based on their ability to generate happiness by featuring a recommended product per sign per month.

When it comes to the visuals, Kenzo will stay true to their usual quirky aesthetic by adding some fashion elements, like the Libra sign that is holding two handbags instead of the usual scales.

KenzodiacPhoto Courtesy of Kenzo

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