Kylie Minogue in Gorgeous Looks for Stylist Magazine

Kyllie Minogue affraid of the camera – 45 and still gorgeous, Kylie Minogue stuns again for a cover story of Stylist Magazine, posing before the camera of famous photographer Ellen Von Unswerth. The superstar/actress/singer who everyone came to know from her role in the TV-series Neighbours, as a boyish mechanic, called Carlene Mitchell, is now with more than 60 million sold albums one of the most succesful artists ever in Australia and of the most famous and beloved women in the world.

But while millions of women would give anything to be able to look like Kylie Minogue, Kylie herself is not secure about her own appearance at all. In fact she admits that she is very affraid of photoshoots and she refuses to look at the pictures, because she knows she’ll hate the result. To Stylist magazine she said:  ‘Why is everyone looking at me?’ But they have to look at me. That’s why they’re here and that’s my job. I didn’t look at the monitor once [today] because I’ll see everything I hate and just get more and more insecure as the day goes on and hate myself…’

However, Kylie, who was shot by renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth for the stunning Stylist shoot, added that working with a camerawoman like Ellen who uses props makes her life easier. She said: “I like being able to play. I hate having to be still, and I don’t really like being against a white wall and trying to do model poses. I’m not a model – I prefer to have props and things to do” Luckely Ellen von Unswerth is known for using props, so the shoot this time wasn’t too bad for Kylie, as she added: “you know that Ellen is going to get results and you can also have a bit of a laugh.”


Kylie was styled by Alexandra Fullerton, The hair was by Peter Luxand makeup by Mary Jane Frost.


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