Lady Gaga Privileged with Gift Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga Privileged with Gift Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga privileged – Many of the visitors of the swowroom of Versace, both press and customers, came to see the most talked-about piece on the catwalk, a Crystal-adorned mesh hood. But they were disappointet. Donatella already let her friend lady Gaga, borrow it, to wear on the Versace post–show, which she attended as a special guest of Donatella.

Lady Gaga Privileged with Gift Donatella VersaceAlthough she is a close fiend to Donatella Versace and the face of the current campaign, Lady Gaga should feel priviliged, since it is very unusual that a fashion house like Versace let a celebrity wear a piece of couture right after the show, especially one as expensive as this one of a kind piece. It seems Lady Gaga new this only to well, seeing her tweet she posted right after the dinner. She denoted just a hint of self-satisfaction.

“Me, Riccardo Tisci, Donatella Versace and Franca Sozzani. In white fur crystal hood #offtherunway” she tweeted. 

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Photo courtesy: Indigital, Getty, Facebook/Lady Gaga

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