Lady Gaga wears Franz Madonna dress by Peter Movrin

Lady Gaga wears Franz Madonna dress by Peter Movrin

Lady Gaga – Jogging pants and sneakers seem ideal for a flight of 11 hours. Not for Lady Gaga, as revealed this week. Photographed at LAX, she wore “The Franz Madonna Dress” from Peter Movrin Gothic-inspired “Franz Madonna” collection: It looks like a leather cocoon with gills. Dressed in this suit, the singer stepped on the plane to Tokyo.

The suit, designed by the Slovenian Peter Mahal, is inspired by architecture, religion and light rays.

“Gothic art was a style that developed in the mid 12th century and was an era of God’s Excellency and people’s humility. Architecture, painting and sculpture were strongly marked by the religious motives of Christianity. Architecture was the most expressive among these arts and it combined Gothic style with powerful objects, showing its strength with details like rosettes, glass partitions and Christian symbols. With this collection I introduced rays of light into materials by using notches and transformed shapes from outside the body. As a contrast to strong details on leather there is a light and poetic feeling to the material that mitigates the collection and adds a bit of romanticism”.

Made from silk and artificial leather, the unisex piece is available via Not Just A Label.

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Lady Gaga wears Franz Madonna by Peter Movrin Franz Madonna dress by Peter Movrin

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