Langkawi, the unspoilt island of Malaysia

Langkawi is the most northerly group of islands of the west side of the peninsula Malaysia. The archipelago consists of the main island of Langkawi and almost 100 small surrounding islands. The island is within the State of Kedah and is 479 square kilometres. Langkawi has about 62,000 inhabitants; most live in the capital Kuah. The rest of the population is spread out over a number of small villages and around quite a lot resorts.

Tourism on Langkawi

Next to tourism as main source of income, a large part of the population of the island is still making a living with fishing. There are, of course, other occupational groups; This is part of the growth of the island. In recent years Langkawi develops enormous; Although it fortunately still is a pleasant and tranquil island. It’s not overly full of  tourists, compared to some islands in the neighbouring countries. The island has a tax-free status, this means that prices aren’t too high. Products such as alcohol and tobacco are much cheaper on Langkawi than in the rest of Malaysia. A bottle of wine or spirits is sometimes not half the price  than if you would buy this in a supermarket in Kuala Lumpur. Also typical souvenirs and sweets like chocolate and other snacks are often much cheaper. Many travelers find Langkawi is one of the most beautiful islands that they have ever visited; We share that view.

The island group is characterized by beautiful hills, valleys, mountains, jungle, beautiful unspoilt beaches, waterfalls, rice fields and authentic villages. In contrast to Penang, Langkawi  is a relatively tranquil island. For cosy evenings you will generally just stay at your hotel/resort. If you have come for busy markets, shops and other entertainment (geared to tourists), then you’ll be disappointed. The somewhat busier tourist centre at Pantai Cenang does contain several nice restaurants and bars. The island has beautiful nature, with a wealth of interesting attractions. Langkawi is a perfect Island to explore by yourself. Especially the North of the island is very quiet, so you can safely drive around by yourself. (on motorbike or in a rental car).

Dining on Langkawi

On Langkawi you can get a good meal on various places. The island is not known as the best island for great food (this is the neighbouring island of Penang) Although this does not mean that you can’t have a nice dinner. Western food you can eat at the hotels and resorts and at the various restaurants at Pantai Cenang or Telaga Harbour. You do not necessarily have to eat at your own hotel or resort; You can always go to a neighbouring resort to eat. For local food you go to the small food stalls along the street. In many places on the island you have small food courts with various hawkers who sell local food. Because Langkawi has a lot of Malay inhabitants, there are less Indian or Chinese food stalls.

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Luxurious and exclusive resorts on Langkawi

In the North you will find a number of luxury resorts, some so luxurious that it’s only for affordable for the very the rich. The best resort for years on Langkawi is, in fact, The Datai. Other luxury resorts are Tanjung Rhu, Four Seasons, Bon Ton resort, Meritus Pelangi, The Andaman and the new resort at Telaga Harbour: The Danna.

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