Learn to Love Your Body

Learn to Love your Body

Are you dissatisfied with your Body?

You regularly visit the gym and you are careful in what you eat. Still you are afraid to get fat from a candybar. And you get jealous feelings when you see a woman pass with a body like a model. Throw overboard these thougts and learn to have a positive self image. Here are three points to help you on your way.

1 Acceptants

All women have an image in mind, how they want their body to look like. Beautifull, slim, no cellulite, but firm buttocks and brests. They like to compare themselves with very tight models from magazines or commercials. But that is not reality, because these women also are not perfect, but every imperfection is photoshopped into perfection. So accept the little imperfections, realize, your body is unique, be proud of your own qualities.

2 Perfection does not exist

Striving for perfection makes people never to be satisfied and always pulling down their own body. Realize that perfection does not exist. Not at work, not in a relationship and certainly not in a human body’s. So striving for perfection isn’t realistic. Try to let go this thought of wanting to be perfect, it will make you appreciate your own body more.  

3 Be gratefull

You can keep complaining about a little fat on your belly or a double chin, but be grateful for what you got. It sounds probably as a cliché, but it is the truth. Be aware of what you can do, hug your child, lift the groceries, walk in the woods etcetera…So say thank you to your body and to yourself.

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