Lindsey Wixson Models for December Issue Vogue Japan

Lindsey Wixson Winter Doll – Lindsey Wixson is posing in a winter wardrobe for Emma Summerton of CLMUS., for the December issue of Vogue Japan. Lindsey is dressed in layered looks, designed by Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. Lindsey gets a doll-like look, thanks to the rouged cheeks an teased hair, courtesy of Mathias van Hooff and Neil Moody. The styling was by fashion editot Giovanna Battagalia.


lindsey Wixson IMG_9313 IMG_9317 IMG_9316 IMG_9315 IMG_9314 IMG_9312 IMG_9311 IMG_9310 IMG_9309 IMG_9308 IMG_9307

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