Lisbon, old city of charm and beauty

Name one city in Europe that raw, earthy and at the same time as heartwarming as Lisbon On the banks of the Tagus you see  the decayed glory of the Portugese Empire, and at the same time the proliferation of new initiatives. Sparkling restaurants, squares and unique store formats: the ideal ingredients for a week relaxing in Latin atmosphere.


There rarely is still live fado music to be heart at the bars in the port of Lisbon. Nevertheless, the fado, the music of desire and loss is still strongely connected to the national character of the Portuguese. Young musicians carry the traditional version over the threshold of the 21st century.


Good Mix

Lisbon is the most western metropolis of Europe and perhaps because of that very different from other European capitals. It is a mix of overseas influences from Africa and Latin America that makes Lisbon different. Apart from a variety of baroque churches, squares and lovely views the capital of Portugal has many modern entertainment. Almost weekly new art and design initiatives are taking their chances in the old, industrial port area.

Lisboa- oceanarium


Start your visit to Lisbon with a tram ride. The legendary line 28, perhaps the most beautiful course in the world, creeps swinging Uptown. At the Castelo de Sao Jorge you can look out over the old city. From here you can explore Lisbon. Of the old streets of the Alfama district to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Once you get back home, you’ll for certain feel homesickness, longing for the outdoor cafes of Lisbon and the fado sung by the Queen of fado singers, Amalia Rodigues.

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