Live your Life by “The Secret”, or not?

Live your Life by The Secret
Live your Life

Suppose: Your alarm goes in the morning. While you try to put this miserable thing into silence, you knock over the glass of water on your bedside table. You get out of bed, but you get stuck and tear your pyjamas. In the shower you cut yourself shaving and on top of it, there is no hot water. Everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong.


Suppose: You are totally in love and you walk with a big smile through the shopping mall. Merry you look around you and people passing-by look back smiling. Someone complimates you on the way you are dressed. The shoes you wanted to buy are on sale. At home your dog runs to you with great enthusiasm and your favorite movie is on TV. Nothing can spoil your day…


Everyone has good and bad days. But can you influence that? Do you determine your own luck? Is it possible that nothing is a coincidence and that you can change your life by just thinking different? You can, according to the very popular documentary “the Secret” . The secret is The Law of Attraction.


Think positive

What you give, you can expect back, that is the principle behind the Law of Attraction. The way you think or feel, determines how you experience the world. Think positive and you attract possitivity.



Critics say, Wait a minute! Just by postive thinking you can not make your problems go away. You really have to do something, to make that happen. There is a lot of scepticism about ” the secret” because there is no scientific prove. Are people who live in poverty responsible for their own misery?


Being positive pays out

The law of attraction is very old. The principal that our way of thinking determines the quality of our lives, is not something new. Being positive pays out, because negativity costs much more energy. The harder you complain about your work, the longer the day at work seems to be.


Not everything is measurable

The scientific world tries to keep our universe rational and measurable. But not everything is measurable. For instance happiness and love. So if you think the Law of Attraction works, isn’t that prove enough? Some say ” the Secret” is just a marketing product. Fact is the people who made it have become very rich. Wouldn’t it be a very nice example if their wealth is the result of their positive thinking?


Judge for yourself

It is up to you to determine if the Law of Attraction really works. But it certainly can do no harm to try to live in a positive way. Go and see the documentary of The Secret or read the book. It will certainly make you think. If you can use it….. It is totaly up to you to determine. Isn’t that what life is all about? Discover new things, think about it, try to understand it and then determine whether or not you are going to do something with it….

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