Live your Life in Full Consciousness

Buddhist Monks Praying

Living in consciousness has his contradictions, because it is a good thing that our body is able to do so many things on the automatic pilot. But when very important things also seem to pass carelessly, it is time to step on the brakes. It’s not so long ago that the term mindfullness appeared for the first time in our western society. As often the people who live a few thousand miles to the east where years ahead of us. Buddhist monks train themselves since ages through meditation.

It is easy to add mindfullness to your life. Every day, give some attention to certain events, without being judgemental. In this way, you become more aware about all things happening around you. You learn to accept things you can’t influence, like for example the weather. The daily little worries all of the sudden don’t seem to bother you any more. Mindfullness leads to peace and quiet. That peace and quiet, you can use to oversee situations in a better way and take the right desicions.

Several investigations prove that training the mindfullnes has a positive effect on people who suffer from chronical pain, depressions, stomach and gut problems, heart diseases and sleaping problems. But also when you aren’t having any health-problems at all, mindfullness can be very usefull to you.

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