Loewe Redesigns Logo

Loewe Redesigns Logo

Luxury brand Loewe is getting a makeover, with a new graphic identity and plans for art influenced store concepts

The goal of the move is to add an important new element to the Spanish label’s look, to give the brand an injection of modernity. Loewe already started in 1846 with rooted leather-based skills. There also will be an advertising campaign by photographer Steven Meisel.

The redesign of the logo and packaging is to reflect a new approach,  that is both useful as it is extraordinary. “The new design shows a realistic approach and an uncompromising emphasis on functionality,” a spokesperson from Loewe said.

The French graphic design duo Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak of M/M Paris are hired to do the task. They decided on a typeface that resembles the German roots of Enrique Loewe Roessberg, who gave his name to what the originall cooperative of leather craftsmen in Madrid. It is meant to represent “authority” and the permanence of the brand, “as if it has always been there,” Micahel Amzalag explained.

Loewe Redesigns LogoLoewe Redesigns Logo

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