Looking for the magic of a house

Looking for the Magic of a House
the Magic of a House

David Bromley was affraid to fly. That’s why he brought the World into his home, by collecting all kinds of stuff. “In this way I do travel a little”

The australian artist has moved about thirty times in the past 15 years. Together with his wife Tori he went from barns and stables to churches and old farms. He renovated them, put his collection of art, furniture and other stuff in, and made it his home.

Bromley is one of the most well-known artists in Australia. He paints, draws, photographs and sculpts. He makes music and ceramics. He designs fashion and jewelry. He writes poems. He collects vintage furniture and special objects. Together with his wife Tori he runs ‘A Day on Earth-collectables’, a small retail chain where they sell their earthly treasures. Also  he has a family with three children, Holly, Willem and Arlo, who keep him busy.

A Melbourne newspaper discribed his life as a combination of Walt Disney and David Lynch, The Addams-family, Edward Scissorhands and Dr. Seuss. And they are probably right. If you walk into his house in St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, you don’t know where to look. It is a fantastic mix of objects from all over the World. I am a true collectaholic”, he says. “Because I am affraid of flying, I pretend to fly around the world by collecting objects from all kinds of countries”.

The house in St. Kilda Beach is the 30th house he has renovated. “I am a renovating veteran. I don’t think to long about how functional a room should be, I am looking for the magic of a house. I respect the history and personality of these buildings.”

The house was designed in 1868 by the architect George Raymond Johnson, and it is fully renovated by David and a team of professionals. “In my previous houses, I never showed my pieces of art, but here they simply fit in. The previous resident – the late artist Albert Tucker – once said, that a house and the people who live in it, should complement each other, and  a human and his surroundings have to match. He was right. That’s why my wife and I find it is important to find the soul of the house. Tori and I want a house to be what it wants to be.”

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