MAC Cosmetics New San Francisco Flagship Store

MAC cosmetics has opened a giant flagship-store on 45 Powell Street right in the heart of San Francisco. The store, of almost 300 square feet is the fourth and largest MAC store in the city and the third flagship of the brand in the US. It will be also featuring the professional lines of the brand in addition to the Agency’s regular collections, for the many and well-known makeup artists who live in the city. “The pro products that we have are really for makeup artists. They are designed for the industry. Especially in the city of San Francisco, because we have a high level of pro makeup artists there,” MAC Cosmetics president Karen Buglisi Weiler said. She also mentioned that the ordinary beauty customer normally doesn’t come to see all this, and that it’s an interesting way to show the people in the street about professional makeup. 

The professional-flagship store is divided into four zones. The first zone, upon entering, ia featuring the latest makeup collections (about 50 Agency launches per year) and also includes the signature colors collection. The second and central zone is completely focused on service and has six bars and a private makeup makeup room.

In the third zone one can find all professional-products of the brand and in the last zone will be an eyelash-bar with forty types of artificial eyelashes. In addition, you will find the skin-care brand products. 

No less than 45 makeup specialists work in the new store, which in addition to a regular store is also a place for special events, performances, training and seminars. 



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