Mahlia Collection – The Award Winning High-end Jewelry Brand

Mahlia Collection – During Paris Fashion Week in Mahlia Collection’s showroom one could see an exquisite collection of Konstantina D. Mahlia’s creations. Mahlia Collection is an award winning high-end jewelry brand from Southern Arizona. The brand is known for its extraordinary and unique designs. The high level of craftsmanship can be seen in the brand’s Gold and Silver Couture collections exhibiting remarkable one-of-a-kind pieces.

To create the jewelry,  brushed gold, hammered silver, copper, carved ebony, sculpted marble stones are all handcrafted into signature necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Decorated with a large range of gemstones like emeralds, rubies, agates, jasper, onyx, turquoise, rock crystals, diamonds and pearls. The jewelry’s quality is based on ancestral skills of Canadian goldsmiths and Eastern European silver virtuosos, dating back to the first millennium.

In addition to the high end collections, Mahlia Collection also presents the Silk Road Tobepo, a collection of unique charm bracelets as an homage to the connection Western & Eastern civilizations bridged by Alexander The Great. Each of these talismanic bracelets are handcrafted by Tibetan diaspora, now relocated in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their ancient skills give  a timeless beauty and strength that transcends into pure perfection.

Each bracelet consist of its own diverse materials giving th collection a mystical enchanting look. Not only turquoise, onyx and coral gemstones, beads of rare silver metal and copper areused, but also organic compounds such as bones, ebony, sandalwood and knotted silk tassels. Check out the Mahlia Collection website to see more of these wonderful pieces


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