Make-Up Allows Women to Feel Confident

A survey among two thousand women has shown that women leave their make-up often too long on their face. 20 percent of the women surveyed leave their mascara on for three days and  5 percent even five days, according to ‘Female First’.

Half of the women puts their make up on  between seven and eight o’clock in the morning and take it of around half past ten at night. By leaving make-up too long on the face their is a much bigger chance of infections and skin problems.

The Explanation in all this, is that women prefer not to be seen without makeup and over 20 percent of them will rather be seen without make-up by their partner than by their boss. Do you want to learn more about this research or do you want to know how much money women spend on average per year on make-up products? Check it out on Female First.


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