The Maldives, the perfect holiday destination

The Perfect Holiday Destination

With its Sun, fresh air, warm sea water and white beaches the Maldives are a perfect holiday destination. Especially divers, water skiers, wind surfers, catamaran sailors and fishermen will feel right at home. Also for a honeymoon or lazy holiday, you are on the right spot in the Maldives.

Tourism on the Islands is as much separated of normal life as possible. The luxury holiday resorts are built on uninhabited islands. Every year there are more more tourists visiting the Maldives than the total population. To handle this tourism, the Maldive Government has chosen to a sustainable policy, for example, it is not allowed to built higher than the highest palm tree on the island and the tourist resorts are not allowed to cover more than 20% of the Island.


In the Maldives it is tropical warm and humid. The average temperature is around 30 degrees, with always a cooling breeze. The sun shines 8 hours a day on average . The seawater is usually around the 28 degrees. The trade winds define the two main seasons in the country. From January to april is the dry season. From May to October there is likely to be some rain, The best period to visit the Maldives is from december to april, when there is the least rain and the air is clear.

Underwater World

Everyone who has visited the Maldives and not has once has put his head under water, has missed the most important point of interest of the archipelago. The multitude of underwater life and the beauty of colours are unsurpassed. For lovers of underwater-nature the malidives are just about paradise on Earth.

Scattered Country

The Maldives in the Indian Ocean are  an archipelago of 1190 islands of which the largest, Kuramathi, is only 5 km2. The total area of this country is only 298 km2. Malé is the 1.7 km2 large capital of the Maldives. Only 202 Islands are inhabited and 90 islets are suitable for tourists. The Islands are scattered over an area of 90,000 km2,


The history of the Maldives is not going very far back. This is because only since 5000 years people are  living here. The first inhabitants came from India and Sri Lanka, which are the nearby neighbouring countries of the Group of Islands.


The main 3 elements of the economy of the Maldives are tourism, shipbuilding and fishing. Almost half of the population earns their income with fishing.

People and culture

There are approximately 396.000 people living on the Maldives, of which about 104,000 in the capital Malé. The country is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.. The locals are often modest and friendly, just like other Asians they will not allow themselves to express dissatisfaction. Not all the local Islands are easy to visit, some only by guided excursions.

The entire population is converted to Islam, since there is no religious freedom. Nevertheless, the religion is less strict here than in other Islamic countries, but it is forbidden to drink alcohol, apart from in the tourist resorts. Topless sunbading is is forbidden, even in the resorts.

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