Maybelline Calendar 2014

Maybelline Calender – Makeup Brand Maybelline is starting 2014 with something special. They made a calender, featuring all of their model faces including Frida Gustavsson, Emily DiDonato, Jessica White, Kemp Muhl, Erin Wasson, Julia Stegner, Daniela de Jesus, Shu Pei  and Charlotte Free. The calendar is featuring makeup looks created by Charlotte Willer. In retro or just the opposite, in futuristic looks, the girls all look stunning on the pictures taken by Kenneth Willardt. The calender is only in limited edition available.

  • January – Charlotte Kemp Muhl
  • February – Emily DiDonato
  • March – Frida Gustavsson
  • April – Julia Stegner
  • May – Charlotte Free
  • June – Charlotte Free
  • July – Jessica White
  • August – Daniela de Jesus
  • September – Emily DiDonato
  • October – Shu Pei
  • November – Charlotte Muhl + Erin Wasson
  • December – Shu Pei, Frida Gustavsson + Daniela de Jesus

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