Men, Women, Sex and the Rest

Men, Women, Sex and the Rest

Sex makes men happy. And women to. At least that is the way it should be. If one of the two isn’t happy in bed, you are doing something wrong. There is asymmetric between men and women in wanting sex. They both want it, but not very often at the same time.

Men are not monogamous

That’s right. But both men and women fantasize about others. When you are in love everyting runs smoothly. But when you get to the next fase, this is no longer the case. Talking to your partner gets essential. After all you want to live together, you have to deal together.

Men always know better

Men always want to find that street themselves, while women go and ask the first person that comes along. Men want to prove they can do it, women do not have this urge to prove themselves.

Men are only attentive when they are in love

Men tend to forget little attentions. Keep reminding them, say you miss the flowers from the time you just came to know each other. Women are much more attentive.

Men want recognition, especially in bed

During making love, women like to hear that they are beautifull. Men need the confirmation afterwards.

If men are bothered with something, they want to be left alone and really don’t want to talk about it

Women can talk forever about a problem, without coming up with a solution. They also talk with all kinds of people about it, but not to their partner. A man expects his wife to stay the same, a woman expects her husband to change.

If you can talk with your partner about all of these things, you are a happy human being.

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