Michelle Robinson – A Self Taught Artist

Michelle Robinson – Korean self taught artist Michelle Robinson was born an identical twin in 1982 to a Korean Mother and an African American father. Shortly after her births they moved to the US where her parents split. Michelle currently lives in Los Angeles.

Michelle lived a somewhat nomadic life growing up, bouncing from one state to another with her two sisters and her single mother “My soul never really had the chance to settle because as soon as we arrived it was already time to leave,” she explains, “But I thank every passing change, for they have made me who I am today and most importantly, they have made my art what it is today”.

 Michelle’s work explores bold contrasts, she is obdessed with color palettes, patterns and the female form. Natural or unfamiliar, loud or subtle, she creates whimsical interpretations of emotions suppressed and released by using the movement of the female body as a revealing device. Michelle’s visions are influenced by all that surrounds her. The artwork demands a  conversation between itself and the viewer concerning self-empowerment, identity, community, sexuality, freedom and mortality. It is an ongoing conversation with the world around her and she tries to keep it animated. By the end product Michelle hopes to have laid a seed for other ideas to swell and other meanings that are formulated to intrigue her viewers.

More of her werk at michellizm.com

Instagram @mister_michelle

Rise to the Sun Koko Zuri Minna Sol Celeste Fires are Burning Lavender Coral Reef Sway

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