Minni Havas – Photorealistic Drawing

Minni Havas a particular girl – After her study at the University of Art and Dedign in Helsinki, The stil in Helsinki based Mini Haves focusses mainly on fashion illustration. Mimi draws detailed pictures with mytstic colours. Her creations made with colour pencils are somewhere between realistic and imagenary.

Mimmi is known for her photorealistic drawings. She grew up as an artists daughter and read a lot of cartoons in her youth, such as Roger Leluop’s Yoko Tsuno. Inspired by Leloup she started to draw people from books and magazines, together with her sister Milja. Her sister often is seen in Minni’s drawings today. Already as a child she was very into detailled drawing. She was jealous of her sister that wasn;t that strict.  “I’m so particular about things,” she says. “Things need to follow a certain order.”

Source: minnihavas.fi

IMG_4365 IMG_4364 IMG_4363 IMG_4362 IMG_4361 Minni Havas - Photorealistic Drawing

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