Miss Kō – Fusion and design by Philippe Starck

With its flurry of Asian-French fusion cuisine and ultra-funky interior, Miss Kō will appeal to a younger crowd — but its food will appeal to all.

Miss Kō is a faceless nude Eurasian heroine, covered in body ink. She exposes herself as an experience of curiosity, risk, adventure and beauty and signifies a fantasy world where all artists are freed from constraints; where technology shows its promise and industry bends into art.

Miss-Ko by-Philippe Starck

Alice in Wonderland

Crossing the threshold of the latest Philippe Starck-designed restaurant is like pushing open a door left ajar that leads to an alluring fantasy world. Miss Kō’s restaurant recalls a futuristic “Alice in Wonderland”: a neon strip strikes across the ceiling like a bolt of lightening, an oversized Japanese teapot hangs mid-air, a mural by artist and close friend of Starck’s, David Rochline, these all come together to form a bustling, colourful space. Diners are whisked off the Parisian streets and thrown into a world of no specific time or location — here, the lines between Asian and European, technology and art, taste and sight are blurred. Whether it is body art, the featured dragon, media, rice or lighting; they have all taken a protagonist role in the experiential planning that has led to Miss Kō.

At the bar, endless layer of screens displays different Asian channels overlaid by an intricate illustration of a dragon by Label Dalbin, while canteen-style tables line the other. The front of the restaurant is a cosier lounge where traces of Starck are more explicit, such as the printed rugs and the upholstery of the sofas.

Miss Ko

The extensive menu is a flurry of Asian-French fusion fare by chef, Fabrice Monot.

The food experience at Miss Kō is appropriately placed within multiple vistas to enhance the dining experience.The extensive menu is a flurry of Asian-French fusion fare by chef, Fabrice Monot. The 200 or so seats scattered across the bar, sushi zone and more intimate tables for two, invite diners to partake in the food which is just as diverse and intense as the interior. Far Eastern influenced salads are juxtaposed against traditional western desserts like cheesecake and chocolate cake. Flavors are blended with new and unique textures; where sushi and spring rolls are reinvented under this umbrella of intense flavors. Suffice it to say that the cocktail menu is unique and memorable; fitting and appropriate to complement the lively surrounding environment.

Miss Kō has raised the bar of expectation for restaurant experiences to come. The scripting of experiences into a full theatrical environment is the end result of a collaborative team with ambitious goals and a passion for culture. This is a restaurant where we no longer have to rely on subtle moments that reflect some kind of culture, but actually dive deep into one that is complex enough for diners to make out of it whatever they want to absorb and digest.


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