Miuccia Prada is Fascinated by ugliness

Prada with ugly model

The 64 year old Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada thinks ugliness is far more interesting than beauty. 

That says the head designer of the famous Fashion House in an interview with Stella, the fashion magazine of the Telegraph.

When designing Prada always goes her own way. Her fascination for ugliness is a major source of inspiration. “Ugliness is attractive and exiting” she explains. “Ugliness is human, I find it ineresting to investigate. It is more fascinating than the so-called beauty.”

“Ugliness has to do with the bad dide of people. In the fashion world it is unusual to work with, but for example ing painting and films this side is much more often shown. I have got a lot of criticism becaus I use ugliness in my designs”.


“When I started as a designer, this was the worst thing you could do as a left-wing feminist’” said Prada, who took over the fashion house in 1978, founded by her grandfather. “I was biased and was having problems with it”. “And so I started to use the compagny to archieve my goals”


Prada runs the compagny together with her husband Patrizio Bertelli. She is aware of the fact that she has an unusual position as a woman. “ Sometimes it looks if women don’t appreciate their place in society. As if we are not strong enough to push through our opinion. We don’t like businesswomen, we are against women behaving as men.”  “ I chose the compromise, a little fashion, a bit avant-garde, and that works. “ I would never reject my past , it’s part of who I am. To work together with a guy, I don’t think there is anything wrong in that.”

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