Moncler Gamme Rouge | SS 2014

Moncler Gamme Rouge SS 2014 – The catwalk was draped in vines, but sirens wailed and red lights flashed: This was clearly an urban jungle. Diversity has been a touch paper all season. Moncler already has a natural advantage in the sportswear stakes, so Valli’s collage of couture feathers, snakeskin, and go-fast athleticism made sense. When worlds collide in a coat that mashes up leopard spots, mesh, and feathers, Moncler Gamme Rouge is what happens.

The silhouette was as trim as a Valli girl could wish. And as sharp as a blue leopard tee paired with a pert striped skirt draped to one side. Consider for a moment that such a look shared the catwalk with a giant zebra-print duffel—Valli’s marriage of form and function for Moncler has clearly opened up a whole other arena of design for him. His favorite look in this collection might be a match of cropped utility jacket and jodhpurs, some in silk, others in denim. Sure, the feathery froth spoke to the Valli we know, but this look suggested someone more interesting.

For more photos of the catwalk, see below.

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