Naomi Nijboer is Upcoming Dutch Model

Naomi Nijboer

Dutch model Naomi Nijboer (18) has just finished high school and after been discovered on Facebook, she is now full time working on an international modeling career. She has been on the catwalk of Dries Van Noten and did a shoot for Vogue. What’s next?

Highlight “my first job after school, I was an all fit model for Dries Van Noten. He was very nice and helpful and didn’t make me feel like a mannequin at all. A few days before, he told me I was alowed to even run in his show. My very first show, and immediately Dries Van Noten. I walked behind top model Catherine McNeil and the guitarist of Radiohead who played live, it was incredible. And I was almost booked for Balenciaga, but eventually they found my face was too strong for this bright summer collection. “

First shoot “In Vogue, in the nude, for the Dutch photographer Alique.”

Stay In shape “I’ve always been a health freak, so healthy eating is no problem for me. I do sports to stay fit,  because it really is very heavy to do fifteen castings a day.”

Ambition “I really want to be a fashion editor at a magazine. As a model I can already lay some good contacts. At Dries Van Noten I have worked with stylist Nancy Rohde. When we all went out to eat together, I always sat next to her, to ask her all about the business. Very instructive! “

Home “In Denekamp, a small town in Holland. I have no more friends there, they are all jealous. Fortunately, I have a very good relationship with my parents. My father was a professional cyclist who also traveled to Italy and the US when he was only sixteen, so it is probably in my genes. “

Role model “Saskia de Brauw She looks very powerfull and though, not a girly-girl like me. “

Setcard length: 1.80 m, sizes: 80, 60 and 87 cm, shoe size: 39, hair: Brown, eyes: Blue/Green

 Source: Glamour

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