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Nicolas K SS 2014 – For Spring 2014, brother and sister designers and CFDA members Nicholas and Christopher Kunz explore the spiritual roots of the small bands of indigenous people that formed the Ndee or Apache Nation. Antique smudge fans found on a reservation in the mountains of Central Arizona sparked the inspiration of a shamanistic journey that is embraced by the brand’s own nomadic urban roots.

A palette of sheer whites, antler and bone colored cotton trimmed with deerskin are symbols of peace, happiness and purity. Contrasting darkness in black, midnight and onyx is reminiscent of smudging smoke. Mica, another mist color, is reputed to have spiritual and life-giving qualities. Turquoise, the, “fallen sky stone,” is the accent color used throughout the collection. Natural turkey quills, dip-dyed in black and earth brown, represent the power and essence of the Apache Medicine Men.

Andy Lifschutz, an artisan drawing inspiration from natural surroundings, designed exclusive custom jewelry for the collection, using heavy metal to signify the strength of the warrior. Brass, bronze and silver cast from leather are in sequins with crystal rings, which exemplify purity and power. Textured cotton paired with suede is comparable to animal fur used as a woven and skin used for insulation.

Like the Shamans, who were draped in a mixture of textures, the collection consists of an array of free flowing fabrics. Matte gauze with shimmering lurex symbolically represents desert stones speckled with shining mica, while geods dance across printed viscose paired with reinvented linen and suede moccasins. The silhouettes of the season call to spirit light dancers – they are magically free and playful.

The show featured hair by Jon Reyman for Aveda, make-up by Daniel Martin for NYX Cosmetics and nails by Sunshine Outing for Zoya.

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Emily Bungert
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Nicholas K


Photos by Randy Brooke courtesy of Nicholas K. More photos below.

Text provided by Nicholas K.

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