Nicolas Ghesquière’s Heartwarming Letter

Nicolas Ghesquière's Heartwarming Letter

Nicolas Ghesquière As far as huge, global luxury brand events go, Nicolas Ghesquière made his Vuitton debut as intimate and as personal as possible. He wrote a heartwarming letter to all visitors, which he had put on each seat in a black leather envelope, thanking everyone for being there on this ‘big day’, at his first show for Louis Vuitton.


The set was a brighter then the usually  moody, dark finale by Marc jacobs. Instead of the huge black tent, there was a steel structure. Inside everything was soft creamy, the seats close together, giving it an intimate atmosphee, the public was able to touch the models as they walked by. All the creations could be very closely watched.

Louis Vuitton - FW 2014-15

It was the return to a more traditional catwalk show, where the collection speaks for itself, without all the distracting bells and whistles.. The show was magical, in a seductive backdrop, very French, very Parisien, very Louis Vuitton. A cool solid start for Ghesquière, leaving the public wanting more.

Check out the photos at Louis Vuitton AW14 Paris Fashion Week

Photo courtesy letter: vogue

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