On Your Way to Change

On Your Way to Change

Do you not sometimes hate your job? Every day the same gossiping colleague’s, the same jokes. The obligated questions, like how are you, how was your weekend? You know that in fact no one really cares, but still you go along with this, day after day, year after year.  How do you change all that, at least in your own mind? Here are some tips:

1)    Ask yourself and your collegue’s regulary the question “what inspires you,me,us in our jobs?” Make time for this at the start of the day or week, at the start of a meeting or a project. The question and the attention is more important than the answer.

2)    Make yourself the starting-point of your job and of how you wish one should interact with another. See you’re envirement for a while as a mirror of who you are and where you are in your development. The meeting culture you hate – that is you, your ever nagging boss –  that is you. There is no escaping.

3)    Start with yourself. Show your feelings, where everyone does aloof. Go along where everyone else shows resistance. Bring peace and quiet, where everybody is in a hurry.

4)    Say what you have to say, every time, at the person whom it considers. And have the discipline not to gossip and not to listen to the gossip of other people. Speak to make contact, not to get rid of something or someone, and be curious about what other people have to say about you.

5)    Make time for peace and reflection during work.

 If you keep these five points in mind, you will see things brighten up for you at work.  Your work seems to get more interesting, your boss seems to nag less and your colleague’s seem friendlier. And probably they are, because you are happier, this will reflect on your surroundings.

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