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Hapa Time – Go On With Your Bad Self

It’s good to have a signature look but it’s even better to remember that sometimes we should just dress however we feel. So if you feel romantic, go for the lace, if you feel gangsta, go for that beanie. Living Royal has a bunch to choose from too.

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A California Fashion Blog by Jessica. Blog of personal style full of inspiration and ideas to put into practice in his look of the day! “Sometimes I have people ask me what hapa is. The term hapa can’t actually be found in the dictionary, though it is recognized slang for mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. It is also a loan from the English word half. In Hawaiian Pidgin, hapa has an extended meaning of mixed descent [Wikipedia]. When it comes down to it, you can call me Eurasian, halfie or half-asian, but I prefer hapa (not to mention my grandpa is from Hawaii!). It’s just one of the coolest words ever.”

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