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Jag Lever – The One you Really Love

Jag Lever – The One you Really Love

I thrifted this Scottish plaid skirt for TWO DOLLARS when I was in Detroit! It was such a steal. I love the buckles on the side. The colors are also superb. I know I own a LOT of plaid (skirts in particular) but what makes them all worth having is their color variations. This is key when pairing them with a variety of tops and blouses.”

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About Jag Lever

This is what this fashion blogger writes on her blog: “I’m Rachel-Marie, a 24 year old girl running around New York city finding comfort in spots of urban nature. I’m Michigan born and raised so naturally I am drawn to trees. One might find me in a vintage 60’s dress topped with a suede fringe vest listening to Neil Young on a sunny day. I mostly see life through round sunglasses. This is the place to watch my journey that began as a kid wearing cowboy hats in Michigan, a young dreamer studying Photography in Chicago and currently I am living out my wildest dreams in New York City.”

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