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Kayture – Fall Elegance

The great thing about fall is that it’s THE time of the year perfect for fashion. Meaning that it’s not too cold to be completely bundled up with heavy knitwear yet definitely not warm enough to go out in tiny winy bikinis, so you can play up with layering. Hurray! Fall is THE season for layering. It’s hardly even imaginable sometimes to throw on a jacket during summer time when the hot sun is almost unbearable, fall turns out to be all about that little scarf to match the turtleneck, some cool boots, interesting tights, why not some fun leather gloves!? Fall makes me all excited. And as always the best part are the shoes.

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Kristina Bazan is the owner of Kayture. She is a Swiss fashion blogger and passionate about fashion, beauty and travel. Kayture is her window of her lifestyle.


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