Paco Pomet – Surreal Paintings like a Game of Opposing Elements

Paco Pomet creates science fiction – Paco Pomet combines the best parts of vintage photography and Surrealist painting to create bizarre, science-fiction homages. At looks as if they are ripped straight from an episode of the Twilight Zone, the Spanish artist’s fascinating paintings imagion mysterious masked figures waving swords of light or retro cars equipped with brains instead of engines.

“Humor is very important,” Pomet said to The Huffington Post. “Humor and comedy don’t always seem to be important for the art world, which is really sad. But a few people whose art was absolutely essential for me are the cartoonist Gary Larson, the Marx Brothers and the comedians of Monty Python.”

Pomet finds inspiration in 19th and 20th century black-and-white photography, he transforms images from old books, magazines and photo albums into creepy new landscapes. Influenced by the “black paintings” of Francisco de Goya and the abundant brushstrokes of contemporary artist Gerhard Richter, Pomet creates whimsical, strange and sometimes frightening works of art that attempt to bring humor and misery together on the canvas.

“It’s a game of opposing elements,” Pomet said. “Contradicting ideas that are brought together in my paintings and cause a mysterious and ambiguous reaction in viewers.”

See the slideshow below for a peek at the artist’s unusual, absurd, sometimes science fiction like  paintings. 

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