Palladium Neon Boots + Major Lazer

Palladium Neon Boots – The well-known shoe brand Palladium worked with Major Lazer to launch a music video for the song ‘ Sweat,”with Laidback Luke and Miss Dynamite. The clip ncludes blacklight and is inspired by the movement of the human body that is accentuated with neon-paint.

What makes this clip so special? The dancers all wear Palladium-boots from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The video clip shows the LA-based dance group ‘The Underground Street Chronicles’ see their tough movements, fluorescent visuals and neon paint splashes on a black background. Neon paint splashes of the bodies of the dancers and instruments at every beat.

The dancers wear the comfy and  fashionable Palladium’s that are waterproof and have the recognizable Palladium-design, with the rubber nose and rubber sole.

Palladium Aircraft Tyres

Nice to know! Palladium was founded In 1920 as a manufacturer of aircraft tyres. After the second world war, the brand concentrated on footwear. Since then we know the shoe as an indispensable fashion statement and as a classic that gives any outfit the tough touch we like so much.

Palladium Boots


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